Thank you and what more?

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

Thank you for your kind emails and your questions.
Indeed, this book is used during my courses Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture part 1, 2 and 3.

I’m currently working hard on the Companion Guide of my first book. This Companion Guide is planned for Spring 2021. It will cover for example:
  • Clinical application of the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures in the context of pain and discomfort.
  • Qi Jing Ba Mai - explanation from Classical Chinese Medicine, pathology, its use in the Eight Magical Points, how to balance, etc.
  • Normal points that are special.
  • More on Clinical applications. Illustrations, etc.

This Companion Guide is book 1.5 ;-)

My second book, planned October 2021, will cover Meridian Conversion, Wu Xing, Seasonal Balance and Cycli. Including a different take on the Yi Jing and Five Phases. I will also explain the clinical application of the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures, but now in the context of functional disorders. Further, explanations from the Chinese medical classics.
This book will also contain a lot of illustrations in color.
It’s a huge project and I’m enjoying it :-)

With balancing regards,

PS. Note that the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures are my own creation. It is not something you missed from Dr. Tan's teachings.

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