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Are You Seeking to Broaden Your Horizons with the Balance Method?

Do you think that there is more to acupuncture than we currently experience?
Do you also want to treat pain and discomfort with immediate results?
You have used the Balance Method for years and want to go deeper?

If you want over 400 clear and practical illustrations with a wealth of clinical experience, then goto our bookstore or read the article below.

News: Book Release 10.10.2020 Huge Success

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We are happy to announce the first book of Kris Oosting. Within a few days after the book presentation, via live streaming for about 300 participants on 10.10.2020, the book is almost sold out.

Title: Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort
Subtitle: Research & Clinical Application
Pages: 416.
Illustrations: over 400.
Color: Full Color.
Binding: Paperback Otabind.

Pain and especially chronic pain is one of the greatest challenges we currently face in healthcare. Balance Method Acupuncture is a safe and effective method of pain treatment and improves the quality of life. This book provides new insights into Balance Method Acupuncture by introducing:

  • Balance Networks: the different ways in which meridians form a communication network. It contains twelve Indirect Balance Networks, Indirect Balance Matrices, Chinese Organ Clock Balance Network and Six Channels Balance Network.
  • Global Balance Structures: a different explanation by Main Structures, Exterior-Interior Structures, Same Polarity Structures and Six Channels Structures with a cyclic interrelationship.
  • Hidden Global Balance Structures: these are the structures explaining the balance behind the Global Balance Structures and Perfect Global Balance Structures.
  • 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures: Six Meridian Structures creating perfect balance.
  • Analysis of Dr. Tan’s Four and Eight Magical Meridian Structures.

As a Clinical Guide, it will deepen your understanding of Balance Method Acupuncture and enhance your ability for its application. With over 400 clear and practical illustrations this book provides you with a wealth of clinical experience, intended for practitioners seeking to broaden their horizons with this effective method of acupuncture.

Go to our Bookstore to get your own copy.

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Under the banner The Way to Perfect Balance we hope to inspire and to assist you during your transformation. To enable you to further improve your current clinical practice. To achieve perfect balance for your patients.

The past four years we have done this in the Netherlands and have trained more than 600 acupuncturists in the art and science of Tan Balance Method Acupuncture. Not only the how, but also the profound why and when.
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In The Analects, Book 7, line 7.8: The Master (Confucius) said:
“… If I hold up one corner and a person cannot come back to me with the other three, I do not continue the lesson.”
This is what motivated us to look deeper and deeper. To look for the why is this and why is that in the root of TCM, namely Classical Chinese Medicine.

The Way to Perfect Balance is a path we follow on our way to the end goal of perfect balance. We may never reach it. However, on our way we learn and learn … and enjoy!

After many years of thinking, doing research, and practicing, it is time to share our knowledge, to inspire others, and to let you improve your current skills.
You can expect courses, webinars, forum, articles and books.

With balancing regards,
Kris Oosting
Practitioner, Researcher, International Lecturer, and Author.
飲水思源 yǐn shuǐ sī yuán. “When drinking water, remember its source.” I am grateful to my teachers dr. R. Tan and the Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture (Delphine and Paul) for sharing their knowledge and experience with the world.

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