The Way to Perfect Balance Team

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The Way to Perfect Balance Team consists of Kris and three inspired and enthusiastic colleagues: Jean, Fransisca and Widi. They all use Dr. Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture in their daily practice and have all followed Kris Oosting's postgraduate courses several times.
Jean, Fransisca and Widi teach parts of the course, assist in clinical practice and give demonstrations to small groups during the courses.
We give demonstrations in small groups so that everyone can clearly follow what is happening and why. In this way we want to make sure that the students use the demonstrated techniques the next day in their own clinic and be amazed at the results!

Kris Oosting

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Kris Oosting is the founder of The Way to Perfect Balance and has been working as an acupuncturist and herbalist in the Netherlands since 2003.
For 15 years, he has been primary teacher of Chinese herbal medicine at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qing-Bai in the Netherlands.
Since 2016 he also teaches postgraduate courses in acupuncture based on Dr. Tan's Balance Method.
Kris is always trying to find better ways of treating his patients. This has led to the fact that he now runs, with three other colleagues, the largest Balance Method clinic in the Netherlands.

As a former software engineer, senior consultant and teacher in software metrics and project management, he understands the importance of quality control and management. Therefore, he is the vice-chairman of the NC330249 TCM standards committee which is closely related to the ISO standardization of TCM (since 2010).

Kris has a special interest in Classical Chinese Medicine and studied the Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng with Prof. Dr. Li Jie and dr. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée. The Shāng Hán Lùn with Prof. Dr. Wang Xinlu*, Prof. Dr. Jiang Jianguo*, and Prof. Dr.. Li Jie. The Jīn Guì Yào Lüè with Prof. Dr. Tao Han Hua*, and Prof. Dr. Li Jie. The Sūn Sīmiǎo texts with Prof. Dr. Tian Sisheng*. The Nán Jīng with Prof. Dr. Li Jie. And many different Classical Chinese Medicine subjects and philosophical texts with Dr. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée (website).
(* At the Shandong University of TCM in Jinan, where Kris successfully completed (2010) the two year master study of the Shāng Hán Lùn and Jīn Guì Yào Lüè. Via this university he also completed internships (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) at the associated hospital).

In 2007, Kris joined Prof. Dr. Li Jie (associate professor at Shandong University of TCM) as co-founder of the TCM Classical Research Institute to organize studies in China for 10 years and to provide master classes in Classical Chinese Medical Texts in Europe.

Kris is the chairman of the Classical Chinese Medicine Scholar Society in the Netherlands for many years, where a group of enthousiasts study texts such as the Huang Di Nei Jing and Nan Jing in great detail following the books of Dr. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée.

When Kris took a course with Dr. R. Tan, his acupuncture life changed completely. Dr. Tan immediately caught his attention when he explained his method from the classics and the Yi Jing. For Kris, this indicated a solid, strong and reliable foundation. From that day on, he changed his acupuncture completely to Dr. Tan's method and never looked back. His pain clinic expanded every year and still many people benefit from Dr. Tan's legacy.
Kris is very interested in the why of the method and its clinical applications, and has done extensive research that will be shared through his books.
Currently he teaches the following courses in collaboration with Academy Qing-Bai (The Netherlands):
  • Effective Treatment of Pain with the Balance Method Acupuncture (5 days, inclusive clinical practice).
  • Effective Treatment of Pain: Special Needling Techniques (Using Yi Qi Li).
  • Effective Treatment of Pain: Topic Workshops (Frozen Shoulder, Neck and Back, Neuropathy, etc.).
  • Effective Treatment with Acupuncture: Qi Jing Ba Mai.
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Disorders: Yi Jing and Meridian Conversion.
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Disorders: Wu Xing (Five Phases).
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Disorders: Cycles & Seasonal Balance.
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Disorders: Meridian Conversion Clinic.
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Disorders: Wu Xing Clinic.
  • Balance Method Masterclass.
  • 21 topic webinars.

These courses contain theory and concepts, clinical application and research. The why behind the how is always explained in detail.

In October 2020, Kris published his first book Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Research & Clinical Application.
His second book, Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Research & Clinical Application Volume 2, was published in October 2021.

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