Volume 2 Release Date!

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

How time flies! It's been 4 months today. It has been a madhouse. Lots of patients in the clinic, teaching courses and webinars, and writing Part 2.
Well, the deadline has been set.
The release dates of volume 2 is October 9, 2021.

I am currently writing and editing the book. New ideas are popping up all the time ;)
I am also working on a completely new website with better blog, articles and more.
New webinars, in English and Dutch are being recorded and edited. And in between I'm trying to take some vacation time as well.

There will be more news about Part 2 in August.

Pretty exiting time!

Take care, with balancing regards,

Volume 2

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

During the lockdown sabbatical of December 15 to March 2, I completely rewrote the first three courses of Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture.
The book Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort is now integrated as course book. During the courses I use this book and give more examples from my clinical experiences. The courses are currently still taught online and have been adapted so that many practical tips are given. For example, by many demonstration videos that are discussed.
We hope to teach live courses again soon.

During this "sabbatical" I have had more time to do research and explore topics in greater depth. This has led to the Companion Guide becoming a full Volume 2. So a thicker book with more information.
Volume 3, on the Yi Jing, Meridian Conversion, Wu Xing and Seasonal Balance goes over 500 pages. Again, many illustrations in color.

At the moment we are working again in the clinic and there is a little less time to write books. However, I'm going to keep going. Then they will be finished before we know it.

Take care, be free and stay healthy,
With balancing regards,

Different Times

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

Well, it's an interesting time. We have been in a lockdown situation since December 16 and cannot help our patients. Very sad.
This gave me the opportunity to completely rewrite the courses Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture parts 1, 2 and 3. My book is now fully integrated as a course book.
I also had to adapt Part 1 for online teaching. The best part of the course was that the participants could bring in their own patients and treat them in a controlled environment. This was a real confidence-building experience. However, due to the current situation this was not possible.
The weekend of January 16 and 17, Part 1 was offered to an online audience and very well received. This gives me the confidence to prepare Part 2 (February) for online teaching, just in case.

Take care and stay healthy,
With balancing regards,

Companion Guide

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

The Companion Guide is well on its way. Currently I am writing about the Qi Jing Ba Mai and a deeper understanding of meridians as an organization for the movement of Qi.
The latter is very interesting. Letting go of a meridian as a line and seeing it as a manager, an organization or a standard for the movement of Qi. The Tan Balance Method is perfect for this point of view.
I will also explain the difference between Treatment Principle and Treatment Method. In the West these two are often mixed or used in a less optimal way. I will also give many examples of Treatment Principles and Treatment Methods, from Chinese literature, so we can understand the difference.
Further more about the clinical application of my Perfect Global Balance Structures (PGBS), as I have some interesting clinical cases to share!

With balancing regards,

Missing lines

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

There are some missing lines in the Global Balance Structures on page 224, 229, 230. The illustrations are correct, however by copying them to the book, some lines disappeared.
Use a ruler and a pencil to add them. It's easy to see which line should be added.

With balancing regards,

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