Volume 2 to the printer

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

The deadline has passed! The book is officially out of my hands. Wow, what a process. I'm thrilled that it's here.
Volume 2 has 320 pages of valuable practical information to help you become even better!

Pain and especially chronic pain is one of the biggest challenges we face in healthcare today.
Balance Method Acupuncture is a safe and effective method of pain treatment with immediately measurable results.
This book provides new insights into the Balance Method by introducing:
  • The quality levels of Chinese medicine.
  • Treatment principles and treatment methods.
  • More image projections to find effective solutions.
  • The Extended Balance Matrix with nine systems.
  • The Clinical Specification Language for simple and clear notation.
  • A new perspective on trigger point treatment.
  • Ordinary points with extraordinary results: the what and why of acupuncture point actions explained.
  • The Balance Method way of using the Qi Jing Ba Mai.
  • Clinical examples of using the Qi Jing Ba Mai.
  • An effective treatment of post-viral lung problems.

As a clinical guide, it will deepen your understanding of Balance Method Acupuncture and enhance your proficiency.
In two volumes with over 550 clear and practical illustrations, this volume once again offers a wealth of clinical experience designed for practitioners who want to expand their horizons with this effective method of acupuncture.

Take care, with balancing regards,

Volume 2 Release Date!

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

How time flies! It's been 4 months today. It has been a madhouse. Lots of patients in the clinic, teaching courses and webinars, and writing Part 2.
Well, the deadline has been set.
The release dates of volume 2 is October 9, 2021.

I am currently writing and editing the book. New ideas are popping up all the time ;)
I am also working on a completely new website with better blog, articles and more.
New webinars, in English and Dutch are being recorded and edited. And in between I'm trying to take some vacation time as well.

There will be more news about Part 2 in August.

Pretty exciting time!

Take care, with balancing regards,

Volume 2

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

During the lockdown sabbatical of December 15 to March 2, I completely rewrote the first three courses of Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture.
The book Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort is now integrated as course book. During the courses I use this book and give more examples from my clinical experiences. The courses are currently still taught online and have been adapted so that many practical tips are given. For example, by many demonstration videos that are discussed.
We hope to teach live courses again soon.

During this "sabbatical" I have had more time to do research and explore topics in greater depth. This has led to the Companion Guide becoming a full Volume 2. So a thicker book with more information.
Volume 3, on the Yi Jing, Meridian Conversion, Wu Xing and Seasonal Balance goes over 500 pages. Again, many illustrations in color.

At the moment we are working again in the clinic and there is a little less time to write books. However, I'm going to keep going. Then they will be finished before we know it.

Take care, be free and stay healthy,
With balancing regards,

Companion Guide

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

The Companion Guide is well on its way. Currently I am writing about the Qi Jing Ba Mai and a deeper understanding of meridians as an organization for the movement of Qi.
The latter is very interesting. Letting go of a meridian as a line and seeing it as a manager, an organization or a standard for the movement of Qi. The Tan Balance Method is perfect for this point of view.
I will also explain the difference between Treatment Principle and Treatment Method. In the West these two are often mixed or used in a less optimal way. I will also give many examples of Treatment Principles and Treatment Methods, from Chinese literature, so we can understand the difference.
Further more about the clinical application of my Perfect Global Balance Structures (PGBS), as I have some interesting clinical cases to share!

With balancing regards,

Thank you and what more?

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

Thank you for your kind emails and your questions.
Indeed, this book is used during my courses Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture part 1, 2 and 3.

I’m currently working hard on the Companion Guide of my first book. This Companion Guide is planned for Spring 2021. It will cover for example:
  • Clinical application of the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures in the context of pain and discomfort.
  • Qi Jing Ba Mai - explanation from Classical Chinese Medicine, pathology, its use in the Eight Magical Points, how to balance, etc.
  • Normal points that are special.
  • More on Clinical applications. Illustrations, etc.

This Companion Guide is book 1.5 ;-)

My second book, planned October 2021, will cover Meridian Conversion, Wu Xing, Seasonal Balance and Cycli. Including a different take on the Yi Jing and Five Phases. I will also explain the clinical application of the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures, but now in the context of functional disorders. Further, explanations from the Chinese medical classics.
This book will also contain a lot of illustrations in color.
It’s a huge project and I’m enjoying it :-)

With balancing regards,

PS. Note that the 24 Perfect Global Balance Structures are my own creation. It is not something you missed from Dr. Tan's teachings.

Binding of the book - Otabind

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

The book has a special binding method called Paperback Otabind.
The spine of the book is not glued on, so the book can lie open more easily when you use it in practice.
I actually thought about this. Normal paperbacks are often not easy to open.

With balancing regards,

How to read the Clinical Illustrations?

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

Before using the clinical illustrations, it is a good idea to first read pages 260 and 261.
These pages explain what the notations used mean.
It may otherwise be possible that in Global Balance the points with a line in between are seen as Meridian Conversion. This is not the case.

The Yi Jing, Meridian Conversion, the Five Phases (Wu Xing), and Seasonal Balance and Cylci are described in detail in the second book.

With balancing regards,

International Delivery

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

A few words about international delivery.
The demand for the book is very high. That is fine, but it also brings with it a number of logistical challenges. This is mainly in the area of customs and taxes. And I want the book to arrive in good condition at your doorstep.

The international delivery will be available in three phases:
Phase 1: European Union (Available at 16/10/2020 21:00 hr) *
Phase 2: Rest of Europe. (Available at 19/10/20) **
Phase 3: The rest of the world. (Available at 19/10/20).

* Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
** Ireland, Finland, Polen, Portugal, etc.

Important: The parcel services have indicated that due to the Covid-19 regulations, delivery may take longer than normal. Can be up to two weeks for world delivery.

In the first instance the book would be presented on a small scale. However, I had forgotten for a moment that there are many enthusiastic balance method users around the world using social media ;-)

Apologies for the inconvenience. We work hard to have everything working as soon as possible.

With balancing regards,

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