About Us


Kris Oosting is the founder of The Way to Perfect Balance and has been working as an acupuncturist and herbalist in the Netherlands since 2003.

The Way to Perfect Balance has three focus points:
1. Balance yourself as a practitioner through meditation and Qigong.
2. Balance your environment and practice by means of Feng Shui.
3. Balance your patients by means of the Tan Balance Method.

Our main target group is acupuncturists who use the Tan Balance method or want to do so.

Our services now and in the future are courses, workshops, webinars and books.
Since 2016 our educational partner in the Netherlands has been the Academy for Chinese Medicine Qing-Bai.
Furthermore, we are the moderator of an active forum in the Netherlands.

The Way to Perfect Balancing Publishing, or WPB Publishing for short, is the name we use to publish our books.

WBP Publishing / The Way to Perfect Balance
Huizerweg 10-D
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)35 698 1248 (Shared number with Long Feng)
Web: www.thewaytoperfectbalance.com
KvK Number: 321159712 (Chamber of Commerce)
NL VAT (BTW): NL001509523B89

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