International Delivery

Dear Balance Method Enthusiasts,

A few words about international delivery.
The demand for the book is very high. That is fine, but it also brings with it a number of logistical challenges. This is mainly in the area of customs and taxes. And I want the book to arrive in good condition at your doorstep.

The international delivery will be available in three phases:
Phase 1: European Union (Available at 16/10/2020 21:00 hr) *
Phase 2: Rest of Europe. (Available at 19/10/20) **
Phase 3: The rest of the world. (Available at 19/10/20).

* Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
** Ireland, Finland, Polen, Portugal, etc.

Important: The parcel services have indicated that due to the Covid-19 regulations, delivery may take longer than normal. Can be up to two weeks for world delivery.

In the first instance the book would be presented on a small scale. However, I had forgotten for a moment that there are many enthusiastic balance method users around the world using social media ;-)

Apologies for the inconvenience. We work hard to have everything working as soon as possible.

With balancing regards,

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